Inspiring Esports

Who Are We?

Catalyst eSports Solutions was founded with the goal of building professional infrastructure in the eSports industry. We want to enable teams, individuals and brands to grow the right way, find the right opportunities, and maximize the value from their activities in the space. Having the right connections is key, and our global network of teams, brands, individuals, and events will give our partners the best possible chance to grow in the eSports space.

Our passionate team is a mixture of highly experienced individuals that specialize in eSports marketing, graphic design, account management, growth strategy, social media and business development.


Our mission is to enable businesses throughout eSports and those wanting to invest in the space realize their full potential by using our diverse network and expertise in marketing, strategy, design, graphics, video, social media, presentations, account management, merchandising, and branding.


We want to inspire eSports. We want to be the driving force that keeps those already involved in the space professional, progressive, and successful; but we also want to encourage new brands and investors to find their comfort zone in eSports too. The goal, we feel, should be a dual strategy which targets the building of infrastructure of already existing brands and teams (via marketing, branding, business relations, social media, effective planning, budgeting, hiring) as well as assisting new brands find the best value they can and helping them navigate the complex and rapidly developing industry that is eSports.


Marketing and Brand Strategy

We can help teams craft the best possible strategies for your brand, from marketing plan creation and announcements to branding campaigns and day-to-day execution.

Social Media Growth And Strategy

Social media is key for any marketing. We can help strategize and execute the best possible solution to reach and engage your core audience. We can also help you set the right goals and targets for growth.

Presentations and Pitch Decks

We'll work with you to create a professional, eye-catching presentation to give you the best possible shot at a business opportunity.

Graphic Designs

We provide a suite of services inclusive of web design, campaign or ad banners, social media banners, corporate design and branding. Let us know if you have other needs and we'll deliver.

Merchandise and Apparel

Merchandise is a fantastic way for your brand to generate income and grow your brand – it also gives you a physical product to use when working with partners. We can source affordable, high quality apparel such as team shirts, jackets, hoodies, caps, keychains, lapel pins, mugs and more.

Services - Brands

Esports Consultation

We have the network, experience and marketing know-how to ensure the best possible returns in the eSports industry. We can help with copywriting, press releases, design direction, negotiations, launches and more.

Sponsorship Strategy

We're experts at identifying the most valuable teams in the space and we can find the best fit for you. We'll work with you to ensure your marketing dollar goes as far as it can with the right partners, campaigns and brand strategy.

Social Media

Identifying with and engaging the right audience in eSports can be tough. We have professionals that can help you deliver the best possible strategy for maximum value.

Networking and Partnership

Want to work with similar brands in the space or grow your fanbase? We'll find companies who want the same thing, connect you, and help with the execution of new strategies or business opportunities.



We bring you a true assortment of industry experts; among our ranks are former professional players, event organizers, industry leading marketers and strategists, team managers, journalists, social media experts, videographers, graphic designers and more.

We specialize in marketing and branding.

There are no other agencies in eSports that offer the range of marketing services that we do, from brand messaging and growth in social media to sponsor activation and corporate design. We are a multi-faceted eSports agency designed to cater to every team or brand need in the space.

We specialize in native eSports and PC brand sponsorships.

The few other agencies out there today have already left the endemic space long behind while they pursue larger deals in the non-endemic space – which is great, but it means there is little attention being paid to the native brands and opportunities in eSports. We're here to look after the brands and teams that built the industry.

We build infrastructure.

The key to a successful industry is building a solid foundation, and that's what we're good at. That means helping all manner of teams and brands looking to get ahead in the industry build the key strategy for them, learning from it, and building a sustainable model for the future.

We are connected in Asia.

Being headquartered in Singapore, we are at the heart of a vastly unexplored region brimming with potential in eSports. While Mainland China already contributes to a huge portion of eSports viewership and investment, we want to help those brands find their place in the western market, but also help western brands spend smart in Asia.

We want to bridge the gap between east and west in eSports.

Headquartered in Singapore, we're perfectly equipped to connect your brand to the rapidly expanding eSports market in Asia, whether it be team and event sponsorship or finding other businesses to work with in the region. Our geographical location and network also enables streamlined, affordable access to suppliers of apparel and merchandise, services which could take your brand to the next level.

Our goal here at Catalyst eSports Solutions is to build eSports infrastructure, and yet despite being such a critical region to the industry, Asia is most in need of professional infrastructure. Likewise, we also hope that we can help teams and brands here in Asia find their feet in the international market – be it through branding, social media, business development or events. If you are an Asian team or company that wants to increase your exposure or fanbase abroad, let us know.

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